Jugend und Multiple Sklerose (MS)



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28.06.2013, 00:57

hello,may name is Ayat Bahmani,i am 27 male from Iran.i have ms for 7 years and now i am taking Avonex . i have no any relapse and i am fine.i want to study in germany for master deegre but i do not know how to prepare my drug and how can i be a member of MS society of germany. anyone can help me?


01.07.2013, 14:26

dear Ayat, please contact the DMSG-Bundesverband per email for further information: dmsg@dmsg.de

Thank you!


01.07.2013, 21:43

if you want you can writh me an e-mail
e-mail adress: lyllymy-all@yahoo.de
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