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04.08.2014, 00:09

I am Micaela, I am from Italy but I am currently living in Berlin. I\'m learning German but, for the moment, I don\'t know it, so sorry if I am using English and sorry if it is not perfect!
I discovered the Multiple Sclerosis when I was 24 years old, I completely missed the sight for one month and I graduated without it. Luckily, after a strong treatment by cortisone, I recovered it almost totally.
I spent one very unstable year looking for the best therapy and during it I had a very bad relapse and I stayed at the hospital for 40 days.
After that period I started a therapy by Natalizumab for 4 years. Meanwhile I found a Job and I worked for a company for 3 years, then I moved to another one, always in Italy, but after 2 years I realized that it was not what I really wanted. What I really wanted was to try an experience abroad, but I never had the courage and the opportunity because of my illness. So I applied for a Job in Malta and I had an interview, but what happened? I discovered the JCV antibodies, so I couldn\'t leave Italy. I changed therapy and I started with Gilenya, that is my actual therapy.
After one year I decided to start a PhD abroad and so I came here in Berlin.
I come back in Italy every three months to take my medicines.
Now I am 31 years old, I love trekking, running, swimming, skiing (I\'m very sportive!) and travelling, but also relaxing with a good book.
My mother now is more calm about my health, because I can live knowing my limits, but it was not easy to accept the illness neither for her and for me.
Often I cannot drink alcoholics and eat a lot of foods due to my stomach and my intestine (this is almost from one year, so maybe the cause is the therapy).
Why I\'m writing these things? For sure not because I want to seem strong or lucky, but only to give all of you a new image of the young MS patient: just a young person as other but with just some bothers more.

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